Runner Searching For Complete Stranger She Kissed During Boston Marathon Gets Contacted By His Wife

At last month’s Boston Marathon, Barbara Tatge made good on a bet with her daughter. Her daughter dared her to kiss a random stranger during the race to make light of the long tradition of Wellesley College kissing runners along the marathon path.

Tatge accepted the challenge, found some random dude, and dropped a sweaty lip lock on him in front of cameras and strangers. After the race, Tatge’s daughter tried to find the mysterious stranger, and took her appeal online.

Naturally, the photo went viral, and the Tatge’s were contacted by HIS WIFE! But not worries, she was totally cool with the momentary lapse of monogamy in the moment. She wrote to Tatge’s daughter…

“For me, I’m not mad. Believe me, our friends have gotten a lot of mileage out of this story and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them give my husband grief…. I greatly admire your spunk and courage and wish you many happy races in the future. Congratulations on your Boston finish!”

She’s not mad…NOW. I’m pretty sure she was completely pissed the second she found out until…

I changed my mind, she’s probably still pissed.

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