Savage Dude Destroys An Entire Bowling Alley With A Single Bowling Ball

Bowling Destruction


Well this is a sure-fire way to never be allowed back in the bowling alley ever again. Total savage.


Not sure if this guy lost a bet or something, or what prompted his bowling-ball-through-the-ceiling toss, but it’s safe to say everyone thought it was a good time, given all of the background laughter. And I’m kind of apt to agree. Bowling sucks. Worst sport of those “sports” that people try to claim are sports but really aren’t sports. Totally falls into the hobby category.

I still don’t think that excuses someone for taking down half the ceiling panels in the joint, though. Like, hey man, someone has to pay for that!

The above video, which was posted to Facebook with French commentary, is quickly on it’s way to viral, amassing more than 2.5 million views since it was posted on January 3rd.


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