Boxer/Model Ebanie Bridges Stuns Reporter By Showing Off Revealing Outfit Mid-Interview

Ebanie Bridges posing

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Boxer Ebanie Bridges isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

Before her fight against Shannon O’Connell, the provocative Bridges announced that she was launching her premium content subscription service.

“I expect similar controversy with this, but I thrive off of being a pioneer in the sport and hope to inspire many other women to be able to act freely without concern over how they will be judged.”

“As well as releasing exclusive never-seen-before content including; professional lingerie photoshoots, behind-the-scenes training footage and intimate home content.”

During an interview with Boxing King Media to promote her fight vs. O’Connell, Bridges left an interviewer stunned after she was asked about her most recent weigh-in outfit. Bridges lifted her shirt without hesitation and explained her outfit to the shocked reporter.

“It’s like lace, has my @, subscribe now. I don’t know, what is it?

Not long after the interview, Bridges defended her IBF bantamweight title by putting a beatdown on her fellow Aussie and went on to call herself the “Queen of Australian boxing” after the fight.

“She came to fight, she was hungry, she was fierce, but I was just better and that is why I am a world champion. It was a real ‘take that, how do you like them apples moment’.

“I’m not usually disrespectful to my opponents, but she has been so disrespectful to me the whole time, so I can’t give her too much respect.

“I hope Australia is proud of me now and they know who the queen of Australian boxing is.”

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