Boxer/Model Ebanie Bridges Shares Bathing Suit Video On Social Media

ebanie bridges on the weigh-ins

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Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges is enjoying her summer.

For the past year, Bridges has exploded on social media with her provocative outfits at boxing weigh-ins that have gone viral.

In an interview with George Groves, Bridges, who makes a ton of money modeling outside of boxing, responded to some of the criticism that she’s received for mixing “sexy and boxing.”

“The people who are how dare you mix being sexy and boxing? Like how dare you get on the scales like that? And I’m like firstly we all get on the scales in underwear, I just happen to have big bolt-ons and my underwear is nice and I move a little bit because I’m an ex bodybuilder”

Bridges admitted that the more famous she gets, the more haters will pop up and try to tear her down.

“The people that don’t believe in me now or aren’t fans now are the same people that don’t believe in Floyd Mayweather. The higher up you go … The higher up you get, the more fans you get, the more haters you get. I just stay true to myself always,”

Despite all the hate, Bridges continues to make waves on social media with her latest bathing suit outfit she shared on Twitter.

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