9-Year-Old Boxing Prodigy ‘Punches Like A Girl’ And Almost Cuts Down A Birch Tree With Her Knuckles, Is Terrifying

boxing prodigy punches tree


When I was 9-years-old I was mostly concerned with watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Saturday morning and honing my sick ass rollerblading skills. Things I wasn’t doing as a 9-year-old include the following: athletic training of any sort, and trying to cut down trees with my punches.

I stumbled upon this clip earlier this morning after @PeteBlackburn tweeted out a link to BarDown.com, and frankly I’m a bit spooked to know that a boxing prodigy like this exists AND they’re not American…Do we have any American kids out there landing 221 punches in 30 seconds?

I was in a youth soccer league back then, and actually, at 9-years-old (4th Grade) my team won the City Cup so it was probably the only notable athletic achievement of my childhood…If 9-year-old me were to travel into the future and meet this 9-year-old boxing prodigy I’d hope that she would just break my jaw for being a pansy ass soccer player and not applying myself to something more fruitful like chopping down trees with my knuckles.

…dog’s not amused:

(h/t BarDown)