Boxing Ref Tony Weeks Under Fire Over Bizarre Stoppage In Rolly Romero-Ismael Barroso Fight

Tony Weeks terrible stoppage

On Saturday, veteran boxing referee Tony Weeks is under fire over a controversial stoppage in the Rolly Romero-Ismael Barroso fight.

In the 9th round of the fight, Weeks stopped the fight and awarded Romero the win even though Barroso did not seem hurt and was continuing to fight.

Here’s the slow motion replay of the stoppage.

Veteran boxing journalist Dan Rafael called it one of the worst boxing stoppages he had ever seen.

Chris Mannix agreed with Rafael’s assessment.

After the fight, Barroso said he thought it was an injustice to stop the fight by Weeks.

To make matters worse, Barroso was ahead on all the three scorecards before the stoppage.

Update: Weeks declined to explain his decision to stop the fight.

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