NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Had A MONSTER Wreck During A Test Lap At Watkins Glen

This past weekend I flew out to Indianapolis to hang with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski and his Team Penske crew for the Brickyard 400. We dined together, I rode around IMS on the back of a truck with him (here’s a pretty great pic of my luscious flow), I wandered around his hauler, and sat in the pit crows nest for the race. When the #2 car pitted for a tire change, I was right there next to them. The whole experience was an unprecedented look at all the hard work that the #2 team puts into a NASCAR.

If you followed the BroBible Snapchat on the weekend, you saw the incredible access Team Penske gave BroBible to their race operations.

Anyway, I’ll have much, much more about that later on this week.

What you need to know today is the massive Keselowski had on a freshly-paved Watkins Glen track test. His brakes went out right after clocking the fastest lap on the track and he flew into a tire wall. Video of the scary moment of impact at the top of the post.

Here’s what his car looked like:

The nitty-gritty via

Keselowski had just turned a session-topping 124.572 mph on his 18th lap of the day, best of the 14 drivers participating on the freshly repaved 2.45-mile road course. But just after registering that speed, the rear brakes on his Team Penske No. 2 Ford failed, sending Keselowski’s car nose-first into the tire-pack barrier in Turn 1 at the end of the long frontstretch.

“Just the pedal went to the floor,” Keselowski said. “It means that you’ve lost brakes on one of the corners. At a track like this, you’re already on the edge. You don’t have any room or margin for something to fail. That’s the way it is.”

Just a reminder of how dangerous and ballsy high-octane racin’ is as a sport even on days that aren’t a Glad you’re alright, homie. Be safe out there.

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