Brad Marchand Is Hustling On Cameo After Getting Fined For Another Dirty Play

Brad Marchand tripping Oliver Bjorkstrand

Getty Image / Alika Jenner

Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand is the most suspended player in NHL history with 8 suspensions. That should come as no surprise to anyone who watches hockey.

On top of those suspensions, Brad Marchand has forfeited over $1.4 million in salary prior to this season and he’s just been hit with another fine.

After a dangerous trip on Seattle Kraken forward Oliver Bjorkstrand, Brad Marchand was served another $5,000 fine by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. $5K is the maximum fine under the CBA.

In order to foot those bills, Brad Marchand hopped back on Cameo where he charges $200 for video messages and $20 for text messages. We know this because Marchand joked on Twitter about getting back on Cameo just to pay his fines:

Some hockey fans chimed in with chirps:

At least a down payment on one…

Here is the dirty trip on Olive Bjorkstrand that led to Brad Marchand getting fined and ultimately winding back up on Cameo:

Marchand’s nickname has been ‘The Rat’ for years and it’s not just because he looks like a rat, it stems from his dirty style of play. He’s not the only person in the league who plays the way he does and the excuse I always hear from Boston Bruins fans is ‘you’d love him if he was on your team.’

But it’s hard to see a clip of highlights like this and question why he isn’t fined even more than he already is:

You can order a Brad Marchand Cameo message by following his tweet above.

Marchand has earned $63,446,464 over the course of his 16 seasons in the NHL, according to Spotrac.