Brady Quinn Goes Off On Zach Wilson And The Jets Media: ‘Never Seen A QB Get More Love For Doing Less’

Brady Quinn Blasts Zach Wilson Never Seen A QB Get More Love For Doing Less

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Former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn has seen all the love for second year New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. He just doesn’t get it.

The 23-year-old signal caller out of BYU, taken second overall by the Jets in the 2021 NFL Draft, went 3-10 as a starter his rookie season. He threw for just nine touchdowns with 11 interceptions and was the league leader with 370 yards lost on sacks.

Not that there is anything unusual about a rookie quarterback struggling. Nor is it odd for the New York Jets to lose 10 out of 13 games.

Brady Quinn certainly can understand that, considering he too was a first round pick who went 4-16 in his brief NFL career with the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs.

However, during an episode of Fox Sports Radio’s Two Pros and a Cup of Joe this week, Quinn wonders why the New York media has been so nice to Zach Wilson.

Brady Quinn doesn’t understand what the Jets media is watching when they heap praise on Zach Wilson

Quinn told LaVar Arrington and Jonas Knox, “God, he looked awful [in the preseason game versus Philadelphia]. Can we just acknowledge this? Can we acknowledge once again the media just continually tries to make it something? They want so badly for this thing to work out, and it’s kind of tough, honestly, to listen to. I’ve not seen a quarterback get more love for doing less from the media than Zach Wilson in a long time. And it’s really weird.

“I don’t know if it’s the desperation of the Jets media and fans wanting it to work, but even, once he got selected in the draft, he’s smaller so he’s subject to injury, has has been. I understand his last season people really made a lot of the throws and things he did. It was a Group of Five schedule. He was playing with a much better team. And all those things, all those concerns, they all played themselves out.

“The interception he threw in that game, it looked like day one, like game one, year one, he stared down a target, and Kyzir White ended up picking it off, and I’m going, that is as easy as it gets. That’s as easy as it gets. And you stare down a target like that? It was like, where’s the growth?”

“I hope he recovers from [his knee injury],” Quinn continued. “I don’t know how bad it’s going to be. Reports said two to four weeks. … I don’t get the media. Are we all watching the same thing?”

When asked if the Jets are better with Joe Flacco at quarterback, Quinn responded, “They’d be better with Jimmy G at quarterback, but they won’t make that move because they’ve invested so much in Zach Wilson so far.”

Jets fans didn’t exactly agree with Brady Quinn’s statements. Or did they? Hard to tell for sure.

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