Brandin Cooks Reportedly ‘Pissed Off’ With How Texans Handled Trade Deadline

Brandin Cooks Reportedly 'Pissed Off' With Texans Trade Deadline Choice

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone and it was a busy day for the league. However, many expected the Houston Texans to make a move, especially considering there seemed to be plenty of interest in star receiver Brandin Cooks. Instead, a deal never came to fruition and Cooks is reportedly upset about it.

Brandin Cooks Reportedly ‘Pissed Off’ Texans Didn’t Trade Him

According to John McClain, “Brandin Cooks is ‘pissed off’ about not being traded.” You’d think Houston would have made a deal happen considering they have nearly no chance of making the playoffs. They could use the future assets to continue building a roster that desperately needs young talent.

It’s unclear why the Texans didn’t trade the veteran wide receiver. However, it’s not like they weren’t trying. Apparently, “there were talks. But nothing came of it,” per Ian Rapoport.

Cooks took to social media shortly after the NFL trade deadline had passed. Based on his comments, it’s easy to tell the star wide receiver is unhappy with his current situation.

It’s unclear what Brandin Cooks means when he states, “Covered for the lies for too long those days are done.” Many speculate it could be about the Deshaun Watson saga that took place in Houston. Either way, Cooks is ready to move on from Houston, but the Texans were unable to trade him anyway.

Keep an eye on this situation though. There might be some fireworks in the days to come as Cooks seems legitimately upset about how it all transpired.