A Japanese League Baseball Player Just Won A Year’s Worth Of Free Beer After Crushing A Home Run



Brandon Laird, a former major leaguer who had short stints with both the New York Yankees and Houston Astros a couple seasons ago, just won the best reward I’ve ever heard of for hitting a home run—a year’s worth of free beer.

Currently playing for the Pacific League’s Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, Laird blasted a homer off of a Kirin Beer sign that will give him the free booze, as well as $10,000, just for hitting the sign.

While you or I might think throwing back the brews for free over the next year would be sick as hell, Laird was asked what he’ll be doing with the drinks, and replied rather boringly, per The Japanese Times:

“I think it’s pretty cool when they tell you if you hit the signs you get a prize like that,” Laird said. “To actually do it in a game was pretty cool.”

Laird said he’d put the money toward his new house in Arizona, but didn’t yet know what he’d do with the beer supply.

“Definitely not drink it,” he joked. “Maybe give some to the batting practice pitchers or whoever wants it.”

I may not be a batting practice pitcher, dude, but I’m definitely one of the guys who falls under the “whoever wants it” category, so hook a brother up!