Brandon Marshall Reveals Why Jay Cutler Was Such A Bad Leader Despite Being On One The Smartest Guys He’s Ever Been Around

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Jay Cutler has one of those rare faces that cannot hide a secret. If he doesn’t like a Christmas gift, his face will let you know. He farted? His face takes credit for it. A receiver runs a wrong route? His face isn’t angry, just wildly disappointed. And pouty. And disconnected.

During his 12-year NFL career, Cutler never earned the reputation of being a ra-ra, galvanize the troops type guy. I’d imagine a locker room speech delivered by Cutler could be aptly compared to the enthusiasm of a Bob Ross segment minus all the positivity.

Brandon Marshall, who played multiple seasons with Cutler split between the Broncos and Bears, recently appeared on ESPN’s First Take to reveal his true thoughts about his former QB after years of defending him.

Stephen A. Smith, who has gone on record to call Cutler a ‘disease,’ called out Marshall for incessantly defending Cutler in the past, but now that both players have moved on and their relationship has gone stale, the six-time Pro Bowl receiver told the truth.

“I had to be a company guy with Jay Cutler. Now I can talk real. Jay Cutler was bad. You happy?”

When asked by Max Kellerman why Jay Cutler was bad, Marshall responded:

“Leadership. He can make every throw. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around, but it comes down to this heart right here and leadership. Galvanizing the team.”

“Here’s the deal. You’re at practice with Jay Cutler….Jay Cutler I miss you, lets talk. I haven’t talked to you in a long time, but we’re on TV, I gotta keep it real…I run a 15-yard come back, we don’t connect, Jay Cutler [Marshall angrily pouts] says ‘C’mon.’ He’s going to do all that. First time I was with Eli Manning, when I was wish Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, we miss–[pats chest] ‘that’s on me.’ You didn’t see that [with Cutler]. You can’t be afraid to approach your quarterback. Or you can’t be afraid to mess up because your quarterback’s going to crush you.

Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, even Ryan Fitzpatrick, man, guys want to play for those quarterbacks.”

Marshall went on to praise Fitzpatrick saying, “he couldn’t throw like a Jay Cutler, but I’d run through a damn wall for Ryan Fitzpatrick because he’s going to give me his all.”

Damn, I could understand if you’re a defensive back wanting to play with Fitzpatrick, but as a receiver, yikes. Smokin’ J doesn’t deserve this slander.

This is funny!

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