Former NFL WR Brandon Marshall Loses His Mind Arguing About NBA Contracts Despite Being Dead Wrong

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Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall apparently has no clue how NBA contracts work.

On the latest “I Am Athlete” podcast, a passionate Marshall yells at his co-hosts and insists that a majority of NBA contracts are not guaranteed.

Ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll are talking about because ya’ll are talking about every in the NBA got guaranteed contracts, and it’s false. I am certain of this and I’m telling you it’s the truth. Not everybody who is on an NBA roster has a guaranteed contract. There are four guys on an NBA team that have guaranteed contracts and everyone else can be cut today and don’t get contracts.

According to NBA salary guru Eric Pincus, Marshall’s argument is dead wrong because the majority of NBA contracts are guaranteed and the small percentage that aren’t (5-8 percent) become guaranteed by the mid-season mark.

Fans mocked Marshall for being so wrong while being angry and loud in the video.