ESPN Announcer Made An Absolutely Unhinged Comment About Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller

Getty Image / Brandon Sumrall

Alabama star freshman forward Brandon Miller has been in the news all season for his strong play. But, now, it’s for the wrong reasons.

The projected lottery pick was involved in a shooting by teammate Darius Miles last month in Tuscaloosa that resulted in a death of a young woman. For a while, Miller didn’t get that much attention in relation to the shooting, but that all changed this week.

New testimony in the case revealed that Miller was in possession of the alleged murder weapon up until just before the shooting. You can read more about the case here, here, and here.

Miller was allowed to play Wednesday night on the road against South Carolina, and he was fantastic. He went for 41 points, including the game-tying and game-winning basket. But, it’s a comment an announcer made late in the game that has people in disbelief.

Late in the game, the small forward hit a big three, and what came out of the announcer Mike Morgan’s mouth was incredible.

WHAT. You cannot, under any circumstances, say that in this situation. Yes, it was probably unintentional, but you’ve got to be more careful. Twitter was instantly in an uproar.

I’m sure this comment will be remembered for a long time.

Alabama won the game 78-76.