Another Bills Player Spent Too Much Money On An Uber From Chicago To Buffalo

by 1 year ago

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Back in June, Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright made more headlines than he’d ever made due to his performance on the field when he took an $932 Uber from Chicago to upstate New York for a voluntary day of practice. He ended up shelling out $632 dollars for the 532-mile ride (along with a generous $300 tip).

Wright made the trip because his plane had been canceled, and rookie wide receiver Brandon Reilly found himself in a similar predicament after he was stranded at O’ Hare. The native Nebraskan was on his way from Omaha to Buffalo when he missed his connection in Chicago.

After weighing the options, he decided that an Uber was his best bet.

He explained his reasoning to ESPN, saying:

“It was either rent a car and drive all the way through the night by myself — and I was pretty tired. I remembered talking to Shareece about his trip, so I’m like, ‘I’ll give it a try.’ The third driver finally took it.”

Reilly had to be back in Buffalo for a team meeting by 8 AM, and the driver who accepted the ride promised him that he’d get him there in time. He was a man of his word, and was rewarded with a $250 tip on top of a $650 fare when they arrived at the practice facility 45 minutes early.

This is a bit of redemption for Reilly, who caught a fair amount of criticism when he was a junior at Nebraska and refused to tip a waiter who bad mouthed the Cornhuskers in his vicinity. If he was looking for a way to shift the karmic balance in his favor, this certainly didn’t hurt.

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