Nebraska Football Player Stiffs Waiter On Tip With Note Explaining Why–Does He Have A Point?

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Tipping in the United States has gotten out of control. The fact that the customer has to pay you extra for doing your job is pure lunacy. And of course, exceptional service is the exception, but I shouldn’t have to worry about bartender Chad passive aggressively ignoring me because I didn’t give him two extra bucks for opening my $9 Bud Light. Bro, I threw down $3 after you handed me my first brew, I’m covered for the next 15. You don’t like it? Update your fucking resumé.

^But that’s the rational, reasonable part of me.

The bleeding heart giver in me, the one who lets compassion cloud logic, understands that the tipping epidemic is a systemic problem and shouldn’t be projected on the poor girl who’s just trying to make money to buy her grandmother’s medication. So, like the spineless lemming I am, I tip her 20% for no other reason than that’s what’s expected of me.

These internal opposing views is the reason why I’m struggling to form an opinion on what Nebraska Cornhuskers football player Brandon Reilly did after getting his brunch bill.

The junior wide receiver tweeted the below photo after overhearing the waiter bash the Cornhuskers football team. Reilly deleted it after receiving a shitload of scrutiny but the folks over at College Spun were able to screenshot it.



Reilly could only take so much backlash before conceding to the faux outrage of the social justice warriors.


This all could have been avoided if the Cornhuskers record wasn’t 5-7.

[h/t Uproxx]

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