Former NFL Player Brandon Spikes Defends Tim Tebow Says People Need To ‘Stop Pulling Race Bullsh–‘ About Jags Signing Him

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Ex-NFL linebacker Brandon Spikes isn’t sure why his former Florida teammate Tim Tebow getting signed by the Jaguars is such a big deal.

On Monday it was revealed that Tebow was being brought in by the Jaguars as a tight end which led to immediate backlash on the Internet from people who felt Tebow was the recipient of privilege by getting signed before Colin Kaepernick.

Spikes has seen the backlash over the Tebow signing and defended Urban Meyer for his decision while trying to defuse the “race” argument being brought up by certain fans.

No matter what Spikes says people will continue to be angry about the Tebow signing as long as Kaepernick remains unsigned.