Minor League Baseball Player Hits A Grand Salami Right Into His Own Truck’s Windshield

Brandon Thomas is an outfielder for the Gateway Grizzlies, a Minor League baseball team which plays in the Frontier League. The Frontier League is not actually affiliated with the MLB and therefore doesn’t have a major league team counterpart. I mention this because if they did have an MLB counterpart I bet one of the players with huge ass contracts would’ve sent Brandon Thomas a check for what happened below.

They are however the pride and joy of Sauget, Illinois, a Midwest town in the greater St. Louis region and therefore a town that takes its baseball quite seriously. There are many fans on hand Saturday night to see the Gateway Grizzlies completely thrash the Joliet Slammers 17-6, but by far the most interesting part of the evening was when Brandon Thomas hit a grand slam and sent the ball over the outfield wall and right into the windshield of his own truck:

If that happened to me I’d be pretty fuckin’ steamed but Brandon shook it off, acknowledging that the thrill of a grand slam outweighs any minor damage to his windshield, something that can always be fixed:

(h/t Mashable)