Fans React To The Braves Selling A $25,000 Burger That Comes With A Real World Series Ring

Braves Selling A 25000 Burger That Comes With Real World Series Ring

Fox 5 Atlanta

  • The Atlanta Braves are selling a $151 burger this year, $25,000 if you want a side of World Series ring.
  • The World Champions Burger’s price represents 151 years since the founding of the franchise.
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Every year some baseball team comes out with a completely outrageous food item for their concession stands at the ballpark.

Who among us will ever forget the year the Cleveland Indians Guardians unveiled a “slider hotdog” featuring mac-n-cheese, bacon, and Froot Loops?

Okay, so yeah, that probably wasn’t the best food idea ever, but hey, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, right?

This year, the Atlanta Braves (they’re still called the Braves, right?) announced that they will be selling a new burger at Truist Park.

The World Champions Burger, as they are calling it, includes *deep breath* a half-pound Waygu beef burger on a toasted, Irish-buttered brioche bun, topped with cage-free pan-fried eggs, gold-leaf-wrapped Hudson Valley foie gras, grilled cold water lobster tail, heirloom tomato, garden-fresh Bibb lettuce, Tillamook cheddar cheese and truffle aioli. It also comes with a side of Parmesan waffle fries and a replica World Series ring.

The price for all of that is going to be $151 which represents the 151 years that have passed since the founding of the franchise.

“It’s a very expensive burger, but you can bet it needs to be shared with a lot of different people,” Atlanta Braves president and CEO Derek Schiller told Fox 5 Atlanta. “It includes some gold foil, edible gold foil on it, some Waygu meat and all kinds of different things.”

Now, if that price tag is still too low for you, the Braves are also offering the same World Champions Burger with a limited edition World Series ring for $25,000 on the side… while supplies last, of course.

Major League Baseball fans had a wide range of reactions to the Atlanta Braves’ new burger offering.

That is the real travesty here.