Things Got Out Of Control Last Night With Both Benches Clearing In Atlanta During Marlins-Braves Baseball Game

Things got pretty wild in Atlanta last night during the 7th inning. With Jose Ramirez on the mound for the Braves, a 95mph fastball was sent high and behind the head of Jose Fernandez, who responded by attempting to charge the mound. That’s when both benches cleared and shit got heated, with Jose Fernandez having to be restrained and eventually ejected. To be fair, this was either the most wild pitch thrown in 2016 or it was a pitch intended for the head of Jose Fernandez, there’s really no middle ground here:

[mlbvideo id=”1165952083″ width=”640″ height=”460″ /]

It’s nice to see that as the season comes toward a close these ballplayers still have some fight left in them. This is certainly the most life we’ve seen from the Braves this season who have a comically low .384 win percentage. To put that into perspective, Daniel Murphy’s batting average is almost as high as the win percentage of the Braves this season.

h/t ForTheWin