It’s 2016 And You’ll Never Guess What Braylon Edwards Has Finally JUST Discovered

by 3 years ago

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To borrow a very poignant and sincere question from the great Cousin Eddie… You serious, Clark? And to follow, how was Braylon Edwards not the receiver who shot himself in the leg?

I’m not sure what’s more impressive here: The fact that this was stated in 2016, that the tweet has not yet been deleted, or that the tweet hasn’t been retweeted 11.2 billion times. SMH, indeed.

Christ, tweeting “the Internet is so convenient, why did I never know about” would’ve been an odd tweet the day Twitter LAUNCHED. So we can go ahead and safely mark this puppy down as the clubhouse leader for dumbest revelation of the year.

Yes, it’s only January. But it’s already out to an enormous lead.

Any “Haha, jk” followups will be taken as a push from the publicist, assuming he has one.

With that, we shall appropriately close with this.

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