Brazil Fans Losing Their Minds After World Cup Losses: One Tells Reporter to ‘Suck His Dick,’ Another Smashes a TV

by 4 years ago

Brazil hosting the World Cup and then finishing in fourth place is like if you threw a kick ass party at your house and then your neighbor came over, fucked the hot girl you had a crush on in your bedroom and then wiped his dick on your sheets after he was done. So I completely understand why they are going berserk after losing yet again on Saturday, this time to Holland. This first irritated Brazilian supporter went bonkers on a Ukrainian reporter who made the mistake of wearing a Germany jersey after Deutschland trounced Brazil 7-1. The fervent fan gave the poor reporter the finger and then screamed, “Suck my dick,” because how could you break the language barrier between Portuguese and Ukrainian, EXCEPT only by shouting at someone to gobble your cock in English.

Then on Saturday night this dimwitted douche decided to show the Brazilian soccer team how much he’s ticked off at them by smashing his 60-inch TV with a hammer in public. Hey turdlicker, Brazil lost in the consolation game, they are done playing in the World Cup, there are no other Brazilian games to broadcast on your television to aggravate you. Good job, now you can’t watch TV, like the Brazilian version of “Jersey Shore.” Actually you might be better off.

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