Greatest Sport On Earth? Sexy Slip-N-Slide Women’s Soccer In Brazil

If FIFA wants to get soccer to truly take hold in America all they need to do is fire up the ‘World Cup of Sexy Slip-N-Slide Soccer’ here in the United States. They should hold that event during the month of March to coincide with Spring Break, and in a perfect world they should hold the World Cup of Sexy Slip-N-Slide Soccer somewhere on the Atlantic Coast of Florida (Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, etc). Follow those steps and fly in these curvy chicks from Brazil and it’d take off in no time at all (not that Soccer isn’t already pretty huge here).

As for the sport itself, I guess the one thing I don’t fully understand is how they handle the ‘hand ball’ rule. They’re falling all over the place, getting caught up in the soap, and I feel like I just watched three plus minutes of Brazilian butts and handballs. So if any of you bros out there reading this have a solid explanation of the rules I’d love to know how the sport accounts for the spike in handballs when soap is added.

Let’s check out a highlight in GIF, shall we?

I can’t (in earnest) say that I know where this video came from. It’s got about fifty watermarks on it, and it’s over a year old (probably older than that). I found it on Twitter, but I thought it was still worth sharing with you bros today as there’s a decent chance that you’ve never seen it.

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