Wait, Is This Brazilian Soccer Player Pissing Himself During A Soccer Game? Sure Looks Like It

You know that whole, “when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go” thing? Turns out that some people take it way too seriously.

Sure, when I’m hammered off my ass and I don’t want to deal with a long bathroom line at the bar, I’ll sneak out, smoke a cig and find a dark corner to whip out my johnson and take a piss, but I’m just following suit of our forefathers, who, no doubt, have been doing the same damn thing for the past 200-plus years.

One guy who might want to get his act together, though, is Brazilian soccer player Douglas dos Santos, who lived by the same mindset that we bros do while shitcanned—except he was PLAYING in a pro soccer game.

Dropping to one knee as if to look like he was praying, stretching or doing some pregame ritual, his teammates pulled a VERY bro move and stood around him to TRY and hide him—a solid, for sure.

It’s too bad we could see that little fountain of piss pouring out of dos Santos’ shorts, though, otherwise the midfielder may have gotten away with it.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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