Brett Favre Claims That ‘Deep Down’ Eli Manning Must Have Been Hurt By Daniel Jones’ Success

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If there’s anyone who knows what it feels like to be replaced by a newer, shinier model, it’s Brett Favre.

After three years in 2008, Aaron Rodgers has to rip the keys to the franchise out of the gunslinger’s cold, lifeless hands, and he never looked back.

How did Favre feel about this transition and the abundant success the franchise experienced in its wake? Welp, he basically used the Daniel Jones/Eli Manning scenario as a medium to express those decade-old feelings.

On his weekly Sirius XM NFL Radio show, Favre described what he believed Eli must’ve felt to go 0-2 under his watch before his protege stepped in to deliver a stellar 336 yards, four touchdown (two passing, two rushing) in an awesome 32-31 come-from-behind victory over the Bucs. Mind you, we are just weeks removed from Favre claiming that Eli would have a big year this year.

“You and I and anyone else can only speculate what Eli was thinking, but you have to think that deep down inside a part of him — not wanted to see Daniel Jones fail but not play at the level he did. Not that Eli has to prove anything to anyone. The short-term, it really makes you look bad.

“And all the things that have been leading to the team’s losses falls back on you — and you know that’s not the case. It’s hard to say, ‘Heck, I guess it’s me. I guess the reason we are losing these games is because of me.’ You have to believe that at some point that crosses his mind.”

Not wanting to see his backup show him up isn’t surprising coming from Favre, who famously didn’t get along with Rodgers during their years together in Green Bay.

But back to 2019.

Favre went on to praise Jones, who was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week, for his near flawless play in a New York market that wholly booed the shit out of him on Draft night.

“The fact that he is replacing, I think, a future Hall of Famer in a hostile environment — and I’m talking about really from your own fans, the expectation level is always at an all-time high in New York. And the patience level is at a very low standard with the fans there. They expect it now. And he delivered.”

“Daniel Jones did exactly what he needed to do,” Favre said. “He did exactly what they had hoped he would do given that opportunity. … The kid played great and did a heck of a job in a lot of different ways.

Meanwhile, a live look at Eli on the sidelines.

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[h/t CBS Sports]

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