Brett Favre Is Surprisingly Jacked For A 47-Year-Old Retiree

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Brett Favre hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL since December 20, 2010 when he suffered a concussion after being tackled by Chicago Bears DE Corey Wootton. That was 2,364 days ago. That was a reeaaaalllly long time ago. Not as long as the last time that the Miami Hurricanes beat the Seminoles of Florida State (2,823 days ago), but still, a ton of time has elapsed since Brett Favre last played competitive football.

He never had the herculean body of a fitness model. Brett Favre was King of the Dad Bod for much of his NFL career. The old Gunslinger was never making headlines in training camp for showing up ridiculously shredded. That’s why this photograph of Brett Favre flexing is so surprising.

Brett Favre fired off this tweet below over Memorial Day weekend as part of a ‘Flex 4 Forces’ challenge being promoted by the USO. Brett was challenged by Tim McGraw, and Brett went on to challenge Garth Brooks and Ashton Kutcher…As you can see, Brett Favre is still incredibly jacked:

The dude’s incredibly jacked at 47-years-old. I think we have to assume that Brett is spending all of his retirement in the weight room, and finally getting his diet in check.

If you need to be reminded of what a normal human being looks like, here’s what Ashton Kutcher and Garth Brooks’ responses looked like:

Brett Favre can still throw one heck of a pass too…

[h/t SI’s Extra Mustard]

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