Brett Favre Wants To Help You Remove Your Unwanted Body Hair


Quarterbacking legend and alleged direwolf Brett Favre has let his beard and hair grow in retirement, much to the delight of every single person who enjoys a comical photo.

But apparently all that growth was part of a long play for The Ol’ Gunslinger. That’s right, Favre the pitchman is back to sell you a quality beard and body hair trimmer. You see, all that time he was out there riding his tractor and slingin’ passes to every high school student south of the Mason-Dixon line was time he was thinking about exciting new business opportunities.

Not sold yet? Well, here’s a goddamn commercial sure to tickle your buying bone.

And because he didn’t address it: yes, it’s perfect for those last-minute trimming sessions before you text your private parts to a much younger woman.

[H/T: Sports Pros(e)]

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