Ohio State OC Brian Hartline Hospitalized After Spring Game Due To Accident

Brian Hartline Ohio State Buckeyes offensive coordinator

Getty Image / Jason Mowry / Icon Sportswire

The Ohio State Buckeyes recently elevated former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline from Passing Game Coordinator and Wide Receivers Coach to Offensive Coordinator.

2023 will be the first season with Brian Hartline in the driver’s seat of the Buckeyes’ offense. Hartline won the 2008 BCS National Championship Game as a Buckeyes wide receiver and it’s incredible to see him return to his alma mater after a successful NFL career.

A crowd of 75,122 Buckeyes fans got their first look at Brian Hartline’s offense this past weekend during the team’s Spring Game. While fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of junior QB Kyle McCord dueling Devin Brown, that QB battle was temporarily postponed due to Brown’s injured pinky finger.

Hartline’s offense looked good and the crowd was thrilled to have Spring football to watch. Then it came as a shock the following day when new Buckeyes OC Brian Hartline announced he was going to the hospital for evaluation after crashing his side-by-side.

A side-by-side is a type of ATV that’s exactly what the name sounds like, where the driver and passenger sit side by side. There are often multiple rows of seats.

Hartline tweeted about the accident and the Buckeyes faithful sent him well wishes:

If that tweet isn’t loading for you, Hartline wrote “I appreciate everyones support. I crashed my side by side on my property and have been taken to the hospital for further evaluation.” He added “I am doing well.”

Coach Hartline’s mentions were full of messages from former NFL players, former teammates, and his OSU family:

Based on the tone of Brian Hartline’s tweet, it does seem like being hospitalized was more out of caution than the severity of his crash. But that might be the optimist in me reading into it too much.

The wife’s gonna make him sell that side-by-side if it happens again. I’m not not speaking from experience…

Coach Hartline hasn’t tweeted again since his initial announcement with an update.

The Ohio State Buckeyes published a full rundown of the team’s Spring Game for any OSU fans (or rivals) who want to read up on all that action.

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