Brian Kelly Caught In Bold-Faced Lie While Trying To Gaslight Fans About Anti-FSU Comment

LSU head coach Brian Kelly beat the heck out of Florida State
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Brian Kelly and the LSU Tigers went back to the drawing board on Monday after a brutal loss to Florida State in the 2023 college football season-opener. On Tuesday, he lied.

The “lie” may not have been intentional, but Kelly was caught fibbing. His effort to gaslight failed, because the internet lives forever.

Kelly is 0-1 in his second season in Baton Rouge after losing to the Seminoles by 21 in Orlando. Although LSU had some early moments of success, it fell apart in the red zone and completely collapsed during the second half.

Often quick to take credit for wins, Kelly was even faster to place the loss on his players. Even though much of the game planning, especially for Harold Perkins, was abysmal.

All of this came after Kelly made a bold declaration in the days leading up to the game. He sat down on his radio show on Thursday and said that the Tigers would “go beat the heck out of Florida State.”

It was something that Kelly said, verbatim. Those words came out of his mouth.

Brian Kelly tried to defend the indefensible.

There is nothing wrong with a coach being confident that his team is going to win a game. In fact, if Kelly had said anything else, it would have been weird. The comment is not the problem.

Kelly trying to say that he didn’t say what he said — even though he said it — is the issue here.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Kelly said that his direct quote on Thursday was “not something that [he] would ever say.” That was not all that he said, either.

I think you all know me. I’m pretty careful with what I say and how I said it. Never have I been a cavalier or disrespectful to an opponent in my 33 years. So if somebody wants to prop up a comment and inflate it into something that it is not, that’s what social media is about today.

— Brian Kelly

Kelly was not “disrespectful” with what he said. It wasn’t that outlandish. Pretty standard.

Did social media prop up the comment, especially after the loss? Sure.

Did he say it? Yup.

Did his denial continue? Absolutely.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for coach (Mike) Norvell. I know who the opponent was. It’s just not in my background or nature to make those kinds of comments.

— Brian Kelly

Regardless of what Kelly thinks or says, he said what he said.

The full quote, which can be heard at the 12:10-mark of last week’s Brian Kelly Show, was part of a push back explaining how 40% of the LSU roster is new players. It was not inappropriate. It was no big deal.

The lying about it afterward while defending his character is where Kelly gets egg on his face here.