NBA Fans Think Brian Windhorst Is Lying About A Potential Kyrie Irving-Russell Westbrook Trade

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  • After a lengthy saga, Kyrie Irving opted in to the final year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets.
  • But ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst thinks he still could be on the way out, with Russell Westbrook heading the other way.
  • NBA fans don’t seem to be buying what Windhorst is selling.

Admit it. You thought the Kyrie Irving-Brooklyn Nets saga was finally put to bed.

After all, Irving did finally agree to opt in to the final year of his contract. Despite reportedly asking out of Brooklyn and just generally causing a headache for the organization and its fans, Irving and the Nets now seem to be on the same page.

Or so we thought.

ESPN reported Brian Windhorst went on the network’s morning show, “Get Up!” on Wednesday and dropped this little tidbit.

Windhorst went on to say that Brooklyn was unhappy with Irving’s behavior in the past. Not only with his vaccine stance, but also the way he treated people within the organization.

According to Windhorst, if Irving doesn’t change his behavior he may yet be dealt to another team. And not just any team. Windhorst believes that the Nets could move Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers with Russell Westbrook coming the other way.

But NBA fans weren’t buying the latest report.

Irving and Westbrook have both been in the news through the still-young NBA offseason. So another crazy twist to the storyline wouldn’t really surprise anyone. But Windhorst’s credibility seems to take another hit with each new turn.