Brie Bella Legit Injured WWE Opponent Liv Morgan With Hard Kicks To The Face, Addressed It On Twitter

The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, returned to the WWE tag team division this month, wrestling The Riott Squad of Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan in their first team-up in three year on September 3.

Continuing their feud on Monday’s edition of RAW, the Bella Twins teamed up with Natalya for a six-man tag team match versus The Riott Squad.

During the match Brie Bella was in the ring with Liv Morgan when she broke out some strong kicks on a prone Morgan, except rather than making it look real without actually injuring Morgan, Brie legit kicked her in the face, hard, twice, and Morgan appeared to be knocked out as a result.

Following the misguided kicks, Bella was seen rolling Morgan over to pin her, whispering something to her, then Morgan barely attempted to kick out of the pin, which Brie sold as well as she could.

Note the, “Ooh,” reaction by the WWE announcer, lending creedence that the kicks legitimately hit the mark.

Rather than seek medical attention, Morgan, as so many pro wrestlers do, tried to soldier on, even taking a suplex after being knocked out.

Cageside Seats reported that after the commercial break, announcer Michael Cole told the audience that Morgan had finally left the match and returned to the back to be evaluated by the WWE medical staff.

Floowing the match, Brie Bella took to Twitter to express some remorse for actually injuring Morgan, writing, “Every match on #Raw is an opportunity for us to entertain our fans. Our intentions as @WWE Superstars is to win the match, never injure our opponents. Thinking about @YaOnlyLivvOnce tonight.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time since her return to the ring that Brie Bella has failed to execute a move properly. During their aforementioned return match on September 3rd, Bella botched not one, but two suicide dive attempts.

Luckily for her she was not seriously injured, but whether it’s ring rust or just carelessness, she’s definitely going to need to clean things up and soon.

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