Britney Spears Has An Airtight Prenup, Ex Sam Asghari Will Not Get Any Money Even After Reportedly Catching Her Cheating On Video

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Britney Spears, soon to be ex-husband Sam Asghari, will have a tough time getting money from Spears after their divorce.

Earlier this week, it was reported by TMZ that Asghari and Spears were headed towards divorce after Asghari claimed that Spears had cheated on him and reportedly has video evidence to prove it.


Sam Asghari is telling people he believes Britney Spears cheated on him with a staff member at her house, and engaged in other inappropriate sexual conduct as well … sources tell TMZ.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Sam has claimed Britney asked at least one staffer to shoot video of her naked. Not only that, we’re told Sam believes she hooked up with at least one of the male staff members working at her home.

As for how Sam supposedly knows — our sources say he claims there’s footage of Britney and the staffer together in a compromising position.

Asghari confirmed that he and Spears were headed to divorce on social media but is keeping this civil.

“After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together.”

‘We will hold onto the love and respect we have for each other and I wish her the best always… ‘S**t happens.’

According to TMZ, Spears made Asghari sign an airtight prenup and he will not be getting any money from her after their divorce.

Sources with direct knowledge of the prenup tell TMZ … Sam gets no payout in the event of divorce. In addition, the prenup precludes him from getting spousal support. He can keep the gifts Britney gave him and his cars, but that’s about it.

Our sources say there’s an “extensive confidentiality clause” in the prenup, prohibiting Sam from talking about his relationship with Britney.

TMZ believes that Asghari may go to court to get rid of the “confidentiality clause” from the prenup in an attempt to get Spears to pay him to stay quiet about their relationship in the media.

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