Bro Catches MONSTER 55-Inch Salmon Big Enough To Eat A Goose, Breaking 62-Year-Old Record

The Northern Atlantic is basically ‘Mecca’ for people looking to catch enormous record salmon, and a 62-year-old salmon record was just broken in Denmark when 23-year-old Simon Kastrup Shimizu reeled in a prehistoric monster. Back in October, I brought you bros news of Eric Clapton (yes, THAT Eric Clapton) catching the largest salmon of the year in Iceland. That was a HUUUUGE fish, one that measured in at 108cm (42.5 inches or roughly 3.5-feet), and it was the catch of a lifetime for Eric but it’s got NOTHING on this enormous fish landed in Denmark:

Just look at how tiny his hand looks next to that record-setting salmon, it’s crazy!

Simon Kastrup Shimizu’s fish measured in at an astounding 141 centimetres (55.51 inches or over 4.5 feet long), according to, the website that first published news of this record catch. The previous record for salmon in Denmark was set way back in 1954 when a 136-centimeter fish was caught in Denmark’s Skjern Stream. So not only did Simon take down a 62-year-old fishing record in Denmark but he SMASHED it by 5 centimetres…The fish WAS RELEASED, and I say that in call caps because you bros ask me about this every time I post about a new fishing world record.

According to CPH Post, it took Simon roughly 30 minutes to land this behemoth salmon while fishing the Storåen river in Jutland, Denmark…all names that are basically gibberish to me because my knowledge of Denmark geography can be classified as slim-to-none. Apparently, the fight took 30+ minutes because the massive salmon kept diving to the bottom, peeling off fishing line with ease. After photographing and measuring his record 141-centimetre salmon Simon then released this amazing fish back into the river to live and fight another day.

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