This Bro Discovered Hockey During Blues-Blackhawks Game 7, And His Tweets Were PHENOMENAL

If you’re going to watch hockey for the first time ever, you probably couldn’t have picked a better contest than last night’s Game 7 between the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks. End-to-end rushes, tic-tac-toe passing, vicious hits, and two goalies standing on their heads for a solid 60 minutes. In all, it was hands down one of the best Game 7s in recent memory.

Luckily for Twitter user @soIoucity, last night’s Midwestern showdown was the first game he ever watched, and he live Tweeted it for all of our enjoyment. Dude was just trying to watch some Cardinals baseball, but instead, we got this.

Can’t help but laugh every time I read the Patty Kane tweet over. Doesn’t take a seasoned veteran to recognize #88 is one of the best in the game.

Happy hockey watching from here on out, Tony X. You just discovered one helluva game. And what a series it was…

[via Twitter]