Bro Who Sucks At Fantasy Hockey Forced To Humiliate Himself On The Streets Of Canada (PICS)

From what I’ve gathered Fantasy Hockey in Canada is as serious as Fantasy Football here in America. Bros take their drafts just as seriously, and likewise they their league punishments are just as humiliating as ours are here in in the United States. If you bros have been reading BroBible for a while then you might remember that I’m in a fantasy football league with a ‘Fly Bowl’ rule, where the winner of the league gets $300+ to buy a one way plane ticket to anywhere in the world and the dude that finishes in last place has to get on the plane. He must to go to the final destination and take a photo as proof, and he then has to pay his own way home. I blogged about my league’s punishment last year that sent one dude to the ‘Haunted Clown Motel‘ in Nevada, out past Death Valley, and I’m sure you can guess by now that I’m a sucker for a good fantasy league punishment.

Today we’ve got this bro who lost his Fantasy Hockey league and was forced to take to the streets of Canada (I think Toronto), and hold up embarrassing signs for passersby all while wearing a dress:

These pictures come from Redditor RoyMahoy, and this is the second year of this league employing this unique style of punishment. Here’s a look at last year’s punishment for this league:

If you ask me these dudes need to step it up a bit. Screw having to wear a dress only once. The loser should have to wear a dress for an entire week (of their choosing, so it doesn’t interfere with work/school). Sure these pictures last a lifetime, and we’ve all seen them now that they’re on the Internet, but I’m a huge proponent of inflicting as much embarrassment as possible on the fantasy league loser.

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