Is Brock Lesnar Already Training For A Move To UFC?

Brock Lesnar hasn’t been on WWE television since a main event loss to Doink The Clown that saw the Nation of Domination run interference for the current champion. Alright, it’s only felt like that long since we’re all hazy from ten solid weeks of handicap matches involving the same five men.

Lesnar can come and go as he pleases, per his contract, a contract which expires right after Wrestlemania 31. Is Lesnar already teasing a return to UFC after his current WWE run ends? No, but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t entertaining the possibility.

Fox Sports has a pole up right now thinking about Brock’s return but they get horny over such things. They also have a poll up where fans could vote if Brock should return to UFC after he’s finished eventually losing the title back to John Cena.

Fox Sports asked Jim Ross about the possibility of Lesnar making a return to the octagon.  Ross told Fox: “It looks to me like he’s gotten back on track. He looks phenomenal strength-wise. He’s just scary looking. He’s more scary looking than he was before he left [WWE the first time].” This is contrary to Paul Heyman’s recent statements saying diverticulitis constantly has Brock working at only 70% of what he’s physically capable of, which is fucking scary, considering Brock’s 70% is twenty times better than most people at 100%. 

Here’s my thought — could it be possible to make Brock the first ever crossover star to work for both promotions at the same time? I know, MMA people hate wrestling people and vice versa, but imagine Brock in the WWE in those down times he’s not training for a match. He wouldn’t even have to wrestle that often — he doesn’t wrestle that much as it is — and he could be a special added bonus like Monday’s Raw appearance of The Rock.

My pitch to the WWE creative team of which I’d never be a part — should Brock sign with UFC next March, offer a part-time, TV-only, contract. Lesnar’s role in the company would be similar to the old Three Minute Warning gimmick back in the day’s of Eric Bischoff as GM of Raw. Lesnar would be the real muscle behind The Authority because Kane and Orton scare no one anymore.

Every so often, when WWE wrestlers don’t want to get in line, Triple H and Steph call for Plan B and Lesnar arrives to smash faces. Live crowds will pop the minute the music hits and more people would watch or attend Raw thinking Lesnar could show.

And the beard. He’s got to have the beard. The beard alone scares the shit out of me.

H/T MMA News