If The Rumors Are True, Fans Won’t Be Seeing Brock Lesnar In The WWE For A Very Long Time

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Brock Lesnar is the current WWE heavyweight champion. He might keep the title for a very long time. Not because he can’t be beat but because he might not be defending the belt until 2015.

Yes, 2015.

WrestlingRumors.net is reporting that Brock Lesnar’s name is not attached to any WWE programming from now until the start of 2015. He’s not scheduled for Hell In The Cell this month and he’s not on the books for any upcoming live Raw shows or taped Smackdown dates.

So how the hell can the world champion disappear for almost four months?

Past reports state that WWE chose not to book Lesnar for the event because of the WWE Network. The company reportedly believes that with the $9.99 price tag on the WWE Network and subsequent dwindling pay-per-view business, it is not necessary to have its major title defended on every pay-per-view.

[Fanboy blogger raises his hand to ask a question]

“Hi, yes, um so wouldn’t now be the perfect time for the title to change hands on an episode of Raw? The last time the WWE heavyweight title changed hands on Raw was way back in 2011 Cena beat Rey Mysterio. Oh, I see, Raw can only end with a no-decision. Understood. I thought maybe that was just a coincidence. A year long coincidence.”

Look, Lesnar will be on WWE way before the year ends, but let’s entertain the notion that he goes Carmen Sandiego on the federation.

There is still plenty of time left in 2014 and a name like Brock Lesnar could easily be penciled onto any WWE event or show. A storyline isn’t even necessary since he’s a world champion and having Paul Heyman work as his mouthpiece for months worked like a charm the first time around.

I’m completely fine with Lesnar and the giant class ring around his waist saying goodbye until 2015. Cena’s decade of barking “the champ is here” wore thin because it felt like the champ was always here. Brock Lesnar and the heavyweight belt disappearing for an extended period of time will turn “the champ is here” into a must-watch event.

H/T Wrestling Rumors

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