‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Shares The One Moment Every Wrestler Experiences That Shockingly Never Happened To Him



Yesterday, Ohio State University announced that the student who stormed the field at the Cincinnati vs. OSU game last weekend would be losing his scholarship to the school.

The footage of Anthony Wunder getting sidewalk slammed onto the field by OSU strength and conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel was all over the Internet in the days after the altercation.

Stone Cold Steve Austin tweeted his appreciation of the old school wrestling move. On the latest episode of the BroBible Podcast, we asked Stone Cold about the OSU takedown and if he’d ever experienced overzealous fans in his days as an in-ring performer.

“It’s a whole different ballgame these days. In the old days, if a fan stepped into the squared circle, he was considered fair game. Normally, the heel took care of the business at hand, because the babyface was the guy the crowd was supposed to be cheering for but both guys in the ring would have to access the risk. Back in the old days, when wrestlers had genuine heat with fans, you never knew what guys were walking into the ring with.”

Given his massive popularity at the height of his WWE run, and the fact he referred to himself as the toughest son of a bitch in the world during that time, it’s easy to imagine Stone Cold finding himself in as many fights outside the ring as he did inside the squared circle.

“As a Hollywood Blonde, Brian Pillman and I had some pretty good heat, but it was well past the time in our industry where you had to worry about a fan trying something on the way back to the dressing room. I’ve heard stories of guys having to fight their way back to the locker room and getting stuck with knives or people try to cut them back when wrestling was quote, unquote real.

I’ve never personally had any altercations with fans in an arena or out in public. The worst I’d get was maybe some drunk guy at a bar wanted to arm wrestle but I’d usually just defuse the situation with a “hey man let me buy you a beer” and things would blow over.

Thankfully, but almost regretfully, none of those old “drunk guy at a bar” ever transcended into an altercation with me just because a wrestler always wants one old war story to tell.”

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