Joe Rogan Calls Wrestling A ‘Weird, Jerk-Off Thing’, Says Wrestling Fans ‘Shut Off Half Their Brain’ To Watch

Joe Rogan


Sit down for this news, wrestling fans. According to Joe Rogan, our beloved sport is fake. STAY CALM! STAY CALM! It will be alright (strokes head). We’ll all get through this together. We made it through last Christmas when all our moms told us Santa wasn’t real, we can survive this meteor of truth aimed at our world.

Joe Rogan insulted all wrestling fans in an interview with himself where he had this to say about the difference between the two sports.

“One of them is real. One of them is people battling for their lives in the most difficult content in all of sports,” Rogan said, as transcribed by MMA News. “The other is some weird, ****** jerk-off thing where strange guys sit in front of the TV and pretend they don’t know its fake. You don’t want to know. You shut that part of your brain off.”

Rogan did go on to praise WWE stars, and wrestlers in general, for their “athleticism and putting their bodies on the line” just in case he runs into any of them at an airport or bar.

Wrestling is fake. Water is wet. Meat is bad for you. Any other major points Rogan want to touch on that half the fucking world already knows? How does he feel about the music of Nickelback? Any jokes about bloggers living in mom’s basement to make on the podcast broadcast from what appears to be his mom’s basement?

Rogan did slightly put over Brock Lesnar, a former MMA fighter and now WWE champion, saying Brock could have been someone in MMA if he tried.

“If Brock Lesnar did it the right way – if Lesnar left the WWE and dedicated himself to becoming the best fighter in the world, and I mean like best striking coaches, best overall coaches, like a real MMA coach – find out what they can fix and work on him for years, and then built him up slowly and eventually work his way up to a larger organization, and then eventually fight in the UFC when you have 15, 20 fights. Instead his second pro fight was against a former world champion. His second fight was against Frank Mir. He could have been an all-time great. He’s a freak athlete.”

I like Rogan but this is just him stirring the pot. Now a WWE wrestler will fire back at Rogan and a MMA fighter will throw shade back and blah blah and the fans are the exact same demographic for each sport. We know MMA is real, wrestling is predetermined, but we don’t give a crap about either fact because MMA is slowly turning into the WWE and vice versa.

Wrestling and MMA fans can also spot fakes and right now the biggest fake is this MMA and wrestling rivalry.

H/T MMA News

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