The NFL World Is None Too Thrilled About Having To Watch Russell Wilson ‘Cook’ In Yet ANOTHER Primetime Game

NFL Fans React To Broncos' 3rd Primetime Game In Six Weeks

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To close out Week 6 of the 2022 NFL season, the 3-2 Los Angeles Chargers will host their AFC West divisional rivals, the 2-3 Denver Broncos, for Monday Night Football. Having played just five games so far this season in total, the Broncos’ Week 6 game against Justin Herbert and the Chargers will be the team’s fourth primetime matchup of the season.

Earlier this year, Denver featured in an opening week Monday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks (they lost), a Sunday Night Football game against the 49ers (they won 11-10), and an absolute snoozer of a Thursday Night Football game against the Indianapolis Colts back on October 6 (they lost that one too), which many considered to be the worst NFL game in recent memory, as it featured a grand total of just 21 points and zero touchdowns.

Clearly miscalculating and wildly overestimating how entertaining the Broncos’ offense would be — which has been a virtual disaster thus far under Russell Wilson’s leadership — the NFL now has them playing in their fourth primetime slot in six weeks and fans of the league are none too thrilled, to say the least.

NFL fans are bummed that Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos are playing in their third primetime game in six weeks

Despite their painful-to-watch poor start to the season, with the Kansas City Chiefs sitting at 4-2 (the same record as the New York Jets, for what it’s worth) following Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Broncos will somehow be just one game out of first place in the division if they can upset the Chargers (-4) on the road.

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