What Is Bronny James’ Net Worth? Here’s How Much LeBron’s Oldest Son Has Earned So Far

Bronny James

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Being the child of one of the most famous professional athletes on the planet certainly comes with its fair share of perks, but you’re also signing up for quite an uphill battle if you make the decision to follow in their footsteps.

It’s very, very hard to imagine a future where Bronny James will be able to overshadow the legacy of his father when you consider LeBron James has cemented himself as one of the most dominant basketball players of all time over the course of an NBA career that stretches back to 2003.

It’s almost as hard to imagine we’ll ever see another high schooler surrounded by the hype LeBron was able to generate before he made the leap to the professional ranks. While his son hasn’t come close to receiving that type of attention, he’s still managed to make a name for himself as he gears up for the next chapter of his career.

Bronny has got a taste of what his dad had to deal with as a teenager as he slowly but surely managed to make a name for himself while playing at Sierra Canyon, and he’s been courted by a number of high-profile college programs (as well as the top prospect in the 2023 recruiting class) over the course of his time at the school.

LeBron’s oldest child is also poised to secure a massive NIL bag when he commits to a college team, but based on what we know, he’s already going to be in a pretty solid position on the financial front based on some of the moves he’s made during his teenage years.

What is Bronny James’ net worth?

Bronny James

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LeBron has been pretty candid about the cushy lifestyle Bronny and his two siblings (Bryce and Zuhri) have been lucky enough to live—one that stands in stark contrast to their dad’s rough upbringing in Akron.

Bronny has undoubtedly reaped the benefits that come with being LeBron’s son—after all, we’re talking about someone who received a custom Dodge Charger worth an estimated $40,000 for his 16th birthday—and he’s obviously been able to use his surname to his advantage when it comes to capitalizing on the various opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of his lineage.

In 2022, Bronny got a head start on the rest of the pack when he inked an endorsement deal with Nike that was reportedly worth an estimated $10 million (although that’s a mere pittance compared to the $1 billion LeBron supposedly received in exchange for signing a lifetime contract with the company).

While he’s primarily known for playing basketball, Bronny is also an avid gamer who became a member of the esports collective Faze Clan in 2020 at the age of 15 (initial reports suggested he hadn’t received any money for joining thanks to potential NCAA eligibility issues, although there’s a chance he’s been quietly compensated following the advent of the NIL Era).

The private nature of his Nike deal means we don’t know exactly how it’s structured, so while there’s a good chance he hasn’t received the entirety of that rumored sum, multiple online sources currently peg his net worth at around $10.5 million.

Must be nice.

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