Skip Bayless Walks Back Tweet Criticizing LeBron James’ Son Bronny Over Poster Dunk

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Skip Bayless may just live to regret his latest hot take.

LeBron James couldn’t help but to celebrate when his son Bronny threw down an absolutely disgusting fast-break dunk on national television on Monday. Bronny is one of the top high school prospects in the country and was playing alongside his younger brother, Bryce, on a travel team of elite California players. It was the second time the two have played a competitive game together, with the first coming just days prior.

The internet quickly exploded with highlights of the James dunk. But one person in particular wasn’t wowed by the athletic feat. We’ll give you one guess as to who…

Heat between Bayless and LeBron is nothing new. The controversial TV personality took shots at the idea of LeBron and Bronny playing on the same NBA team earlier this year. But it is the first time that Bayless came after Bronny, a rising senior in high school, directly. The tweet didn’t sit well with many on basketball Twitter.

The backlash seemed to rattle the often unflappable Bayless. He appeared to walk the comments back Tuesday morning on Fox Sports 1’s morning show “Undisputed”

“It shocked me last night when my tweet exploded,” he said. “Because I wasn’t criticizing Bronny. I was merely commenting on a young man who is going to be a focal point for this show and for everybody else from this point forward…”

Safe to say people weren’t buying his explanation.

With Stephen A. Smith making his grand return to ESPN, it’s not surprise that Bayless tried to make a splash of his own.

But if this was his plan, it backfired in spectacular fashion