LeBron James Jr’s Emphatic First Dunk For Sierra Canyon HS Got A Standing Ovation From His Dad

LeBron James Jr.

Getty Image / Kevork Djansezian

LeBron James Jr. aka Bronny is currently playing his high school basketball at Sierra Canyon on a STACKED team that includes Zaire Wade, son of Dwayne Wade. The team is all but certain to lead to months of highlights but there’s been a lot of anticipation leading up to this one in particular.

The hype’s been building since last Summer when Bronny James attempted a posterizing dunk against Chicago’s best youth team in a game with Carmelo Anthony in the stands. As you can see, Bronny nearly pulled it off and sent the crowd into a frenzy but he just missed it:

Since then, the youth basketball world has been on high alert for that first powerful drunk from Bronny and he didn’t disappoint. Bronny’s dad, LeBron James, was sitting right behind the net and was brought to his feet cheering for his son after the dunk but was quick to sit back down, presumably so he wouldn’t puff up his kid’s sails too much. There’s plenty of time for that.

Here’s the clip from YouTube and SportsCenter’s Twitter. The full YouTube clip from Ball is Life includes some more highlights from the game if you’re interested in seeing those. It does kick off with the dunk.


LeBron ‘Bronny’ James Jr. is just 15-years-old. So we might as well all strap in now and just accept that the next several years will be filled with Bronny H.S. highlights and he’ll be the most hyped H.S. basketball player since Zion Williamson.

There’s nothing we can do to stop this. The wheels are in motion and they have been for years. We might as well try to enjoy these highlights as much as we can, right?

If you’re wondering what Bronny’s chances of becoming a highly-touted NBA prospect are then click that link, there’s a HS Hoops recruiting analyst report that’ll enlighten you.

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