The Brooklyn Cyclones Will Wear Slime-Covered Nickelodeon Uniforms for ’90s Night


The Brooklyn Cyclones do theme nights right. Anyone who saw what they did with the Seinfeld night extravaganza knows that’s a fact.

The New York Mets affiliate will cause hipsters to break out into a feverish case of nostalgia with its ’90s night on Aug. 27.

Here’s what you can expect from the slime-covered night.

Who loves the Brooklyn Cyclones? Kel loves the Brooklyn Cyclones. Is it true? Is it true? Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes it’s true that Kel Mitchell, the guy from Kenan and Kel that’s not on Saturday Night Live, will throw out the first pitch.

There’s no word on whether orange soda will be served in the stands, but all concessions workers will be wearing Goodburgerhats. And if you’ve ever wanted to live out a certain childhood dream, the Aggro Crag trophy will be present for photo ops.

Players will be strictly forbidden for touching the glowing rock, as it’s classified as a performance-enhancing substance under Major League Baseball’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Also, and this is just an idea: the Cyclones should contact Jose Canseco to see if he wants to get involved. That dude’s always looking for an appearance fee.

[H/T: MLB]

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