The Brooklyn Nets Revealed The First NBA Uniforms With Advertising On Them And The Internet Was NOT Pleased


Getty Image

Well, we knew this day was coming since the NBA announced it last year, but that doesn’t mean we have to like seeing advertising on a team’s uniforms.

You can’t stop “progress” though and so here we have our fist look at the Brooklyn Nets uniform with a, uh, red(?) patch on it advertising for something called Infor.

Anyone here know what Infor is? Yeah, me neither.

According to that Twitter link there above, “Infor builds business software for specific industries in the cloud. With 15,000 employees and over 90,000 customers, Infor software is designed for progress.”

Ummm… okay then.

Man, can you imagine some of the all time greats playing with ads on their jerseys back in the day? Jordan with an ad on his classic red Bulls uni? Dr. J with an ad on his iconic Sixers gear? Bird with some sponsor’s logo on his Celtics jersey?


Reaction on Twitter was pretty much universally the same…

Actually, that last one there I might be able to live with… barely.