Brooklyn Nets Rookie Makes $1.3 Million And Lives With Roommates Because, Bros, Rent Is ‘Ridiculous’


For anyone who has gone apartment or condo shopping in the past few years, you’re not blind to see that the prices of places continue to be on the uppity up, with buildings and houses charging a ton per month.

Unless you plan on living with roommates the rest of your life—a major cock block—affording something in most big cities can be a drag.

But that’s what Brooklyn Nets rookie guard Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has decided to do, even though he’s set to earn $1.3 million in guaranteed salary in his first-year in the NBA.

Saying he was in shock when he got his first, massive paycheck and, “half of the money was gone,” Hollis-Jefferson continued to explain his reasoning for finding a couple other people to share a roof with, telling the Wall Street Journal:

“You can live in a nice, three-bedroom condo with all that in Dallas for like two thousand bucks,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “Three bedroom, three-bathroom in New York, you’re paying eight grand. It’s ridiculous.”

Rondae may only be 20 years old, but he seems to be on top of keeping his finances in check, following the lead of current NFL free agent wide receiver Ryan Broyles, who admitted to living off of $60,000 a year to make sure he keeps the spending under control.

As for Hollis-Jefferson, maybe he can become a financial advisor if this whole hoops thing doesn’t work out, because he seems to know what he’s doing—even if the normal 20-year-old can’t relate to pulling in $1.3 million a year.

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