Brooklyn Nets Release Schedule With Video Inspired By Tennessee Titans

Brooklyn Nets logo

Getty Image / Elsa

There are some great schedule release videos floating around social media right now, but the Brooklyn Nets pulled off a hilarious clip inspired by the Tennessee Titans.

Similar to the Titans when the NFL dropped the 2023 season schedule, the Nets asked a bunch of people to name the teams when showed their logos.

As a result, we have some hilarious answers that turned into a great video clip. Watch it for yourself as people come up with some wild guesses for some of these logos.

Obviously, the media team only pulls clips from people who have no idea about NBA basketball.

But luckily it makes for some great content. Some of my personal favorites are the guy who thinks the New York Knicks are the New York Yankees. And the guy calling the Atlanta Hawks, “Insurance.”

Or how about the Two Question Marks Trying To Make Love? Otherwise known as the Portland Trail Blazers.

It’s always fun to watch clips like these, as many people share their own version on social media as well. So, for your pure enjoyment, here’s the clip of the Titans schedule release from back in May.

Give you nice a little comparison.

At least some of these people in the video seemed to have a little fun trying to guess NBA teams.

With that said, after the Brooklyn Nets released their schedule, it’s starting to become time to get ready for the upcoming season.

The 2023-24 season tips off on October 24 and it should be an electric day of basketball.