First Tee Announcer Brutally Butchered Brooks Koepka’s Name And It Was Super Awkward

by 3 years ago


Sometimes people have really hard names to pronounce. That being said, it’s still kind of important to get them right — especially if that’s your actual job. Today at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the first tee announcer brutally struggled with golfer “Brooks Koepka” (pronounced kep-ka) and pretty much just gave up altogether — what came out was something that sounded awfully like “Brooks Cupcake”.

Here’s a Vine of the announcement, via Chris Chaney:

Now, it’s not even fair to call Koepka a cupcake in a connotative sense — he’s currently tied for fourth on the last day of the tournament, so he has game. In all seriousness though, while it is an embarrassing gaffe, most fans in attendance probably didn’t even notice the mistake. Still, that announcer is probably going to hear about that one later. Maybe it was spark a new nickname for Brooks though — especially if he happens to come back to win today.

h/t @Wrong_Fairway


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