Brooks Koepka Shows Off His Elite Left-Handed Swing, Calls Out Rickie Fowler And Justin Thomas In The Process

brooks koepka left handed swing

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With the entire sports world on pause, a few of golf’s elite are spending some time working on their left-handed game. Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas played a left-handed match against each other on Thursday and now Brooks Koepka has entered the arena.

WARNING: If you don’t want to feel bad about your own athletic ability, let alone your golf swing, you may not want to watch this video of Koepka sending missiles left-handed.

As a lefty myself, I’m both impressed and infuriated after seeing Koepka carry an 8-iron 196 yards and then following that up by carrying a driver 293 yards. This just shows how off the charts Koepka’s hand-eye coordination and athleticism are.

If we were to say that Koepka’s 293-yard drive rolled out to an even 300 yards and he averaged that distance off the tee, left-handed Koepka would rank among the Top 90 in average driving distance on the PGA Tour.

Koepka seemed pretty confident in calling out Thomas and Fowler during the video and rightly so. Fowler shot a 94 while Thomas fired a 101 during their match on Thursday and after seeing Koepka’s left-handed swing I think he’d be the clear-cut favorite if the three decided to battle it out on the wrong side of the ball.

Fowler’s left-handed swing isn’t bad at all and he even showed off his fairway bunker game while getting the best of Thomas.

Thomas on the other hand, well, he’s got a little bit of work to do when it comes to playing left-handed, but he’s got the club toss down pretty well.

I think we’d all be on board to see more professional golfers pick up some left-handed clubs during these tough times, but after seeing Koepka’s swing it’s a tall ask for guys to try to compete with that.