Check Out These Two Ballsy Bros Who Faked Their Own Credentials, Snuck Into UFC 202 And Filmed It

Well, this takes some big brass ones.

Then again, when you are a couple of former University of Iowa wrestlers you’ve probably already got some big stones from doing battle in that arena.

Anyway, as the headline states, these two bros wanted to see all the big fights at UFC 202 so they did what no one else would do and they made up their own credentials.

As you will see in the video they shot on Snapchat, not only did the boys sneak past security and get to witness Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz duke it out firsthand, they even took a photo with the championship belt.

Even more amazing is how close they got to the Octagon without being hassled.

That definitely beats out that dude who got in to see Game 7 of the NBA Finals awhile back with his fake press pass.

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